14/06/2024, 02:19 PM

Issue 6 - Term 2 - 2024 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Gymnast, Term 2 started with a bang! Our club competition, WAG District Trials and WAG Western Cape Championship was a great success. Gymnastics classes are as per public school days like...   More

20/03/2024, 02:08 PM

Issue 5 - Term 1 - 2024 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Gymnast, 2024 Is in full swing and the first term's gymnastics is done already. Thank you for being part of our club and working hard to learn this fantastic sport: A special welcome to new...   More

18/01/2023, 03:15 PM

Parkour Training

We will also open a Parkour training slot on Fridays due to very high demand. From 15:15 - 17:45.   More

18/01/2023, 09:00 AM

Jolly Tots Kinderkinetics (Fungym, Movement Programs, Baby Massage and Stimulation, Remedial Therapy)

Fungym is 1-5 years. Movement programs 1-16 years. Baby massage and simulation birth to 1 year. Remedial therapy all ages. For more information go see the Facebook...   More

18/01/2023, 08:30 AM

Adult Gymnastics Beginner Classes

Let a professional coach safely guide you to learn: Fitness, strength, fun, flexibility and perseverance. Classes take place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8:00am - 09:30am. Sign up now...   More

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