Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Q: How do I join the club gymnastics team?

A: Email with details of the person requesting to join. Include age and gender as well as any previous gymnastics experience. We will check if there is space available in the specific class. Once this is confirmed, we will reply and invite the prospective gymnast for a trail  class. Once the trial class is done and the prospective gymnast want to join, we will email the registration forms. 


2.   Q: How much does it cost to join the club?

A: There are three fees: Registration: R300, Gymnastics South Africa affiliation R150 or R610 (depending on whether you intend to take part in competitions), and a termly coaching fee R1200-R3200 (depending on the amount of hours trained). These fees are payable upfront (at the start of your agreement with Stellenbosch Gymnastics. Term fees are invoiced at the beginning of each term.


3.   Q: What should my child wear to gymnastics?

A: Girls should wear a gymnastics leotard and may wear gymnastics style shorts with their leotard. Hair shoulder      length or longer should be tied with a plain hair tie to keep away from face and behind the head. No jewelry should   be worn. All earpieces should be removed prior to class. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings and dangling earrings must be left at home. Boys should wear t-shirt and gym shorts. No loose shorts, no shorts with pockets. There are specific gymnastics wear available to purchase at the club. For now, shoes and socks and a mask is to be worn upon arrival.  


4.   Q: What is the best age to start my child in gymnastics?

A:  Any age! Stellenbosch Gymnastics offers classes from 5 years and onwards. For younger children, we refer them  to our Fungym program. They teach fundamentals from any age younger than 5. Please contact for our Fungym program. 


5.    Q: What equipment does my child need to do gymnastics?

A: We have all equipment that your child will need at the gym! Female gymnasts in our recreational classes will train on the four apparatus’ that women compete in the Olympic Competition: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and      Floor Exercise. Male gymnasts in our recreational classes will train on six apparatus’ that men compete in the Olympic Competition- Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar. Ask our team for merchandise and home training equipment. We have some available at the gym.


6.   Q: What time does the classes start?

A: Please refer to The Shed class times document under the “Documents” tab. Boys opting to train at our Van der Stel venue can view the Van der Stel class times 2022 under the Documents tab. 


7.   Q: What skills do I need to move to the next level?

A: The team of coaches will decide when it is suitable to advance to the next level

8.   Q: How do I display my gymnastics medals?

A: We sell amazing medal hangers at the gym. Come and have a look and see all the other gymnastics gifts and      things. 

9.   Q: Do you have a lost and found?

A: Yes, it’s located in the gym. Please ask the coaches, or if you have lost something specific, please mail us and we will have a look for you.